Race Report: 2011 NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon

Since I started running races back in 2009 Brooklyn Half marathon has been one of my favorite races. The course is fast and I love using it as a benchmark for my fitness level. Most of all I love running in Brooklyn. Most of the NYRR races take place in Central Park it makes for a breathe of fresh air when it moves to the outer boroughs.

Heading into this race I felt very prepared. During my current IRONMAN training speed work, tempo and long runs are weekly so I didn’t have to alter or modify my training at all. Last week while we were in Maine celebrating our anniversary I ran a solid tempo in Back Cove, Portland. This added a boost to my confidence heading into the Brooklyn Half.

As per health/injury the one issue I had was tightness in my left ITB. I had this issue before and used KT tape to strengthen it during the race. I did the same for Brooklyn. Before I left for the race I used a heat pad on the ITB for about 10 minutes. As a precaution to the injury I also choose to run with my Newtons instead of the Kinvaras. I love the lugs on the Newtons as they provide extra cushioning.

The course is two loops of Prospect Park and then onto Coney Island via Ocean Parkway. During the race the hills really felt easier than I remember. I guess after running the Lake Placid course two weeks ago and tougher terrain, hills like PP seem like a walk in the park.

After mile 1 taking a look at my split of 7:10 and feeling great I was determine to just maintain that pace throughout the two loops of the park and not bump up the pace too drastically. Splits were pretty consistent until mile 8. I kept close attention to my form especially with the ITB issue. My race plan was to maintain the first 7 to 8 miles and race to the finish. The minute we left the Park and headed to Ocean Parkway the plan was being executed perfectly.

My nutrition was also being nailed at every aid station. Rotated between salt tablets, Gatorade and water. I took the only powergel at mile 8.

Kept pushing through each aid station knowing that my goal of 1:35 was becoming a reality. I tried running as many tangents as I could. Finished with a reading of 13.25 miles, not too bad, also the course is straight after the Park so that helps as well. I knew I was running on target with my splits so never paid attention to my watch’s run time.

Upon approaching the boardwalk I switched to the last gear I had left in my legs to finish off the last 800 meters or so. Last split was 6:00.

Goal was attained with 3 minutes to spare. Finish time 1:32:29. PR by 6 minutes from the NYRR Manhattan Half this past January.

Finish Time: 1:32:29/7:03
Age Place: 107/672
Overall: 484/5909


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