Woohoo, 3rd Place in my Age Group

Great to be racing triathlons again since 2019. This race took place at Rockaway Beach, NY. The swim was very choppy but I quickly made my way to calmer water once over the breakers. I did my best to go as hard and safe on the bike as possible. I had great legs left to […]

Riding Stage 19 during Tour de France coverage – will Cav break the record?

Part 1 – The Plan Planning to ride Stage 19 for the duration of the tour coverage on Zwift (Out and back again route). Mark Cavendish also has a opportunity to break the record for most tour stage wins, currently it stands at 34. The stage will be 207 km. I am planning to ride […]

Athlete’s Choice: Swim, Bike, Run Complete

Format for this month’s distance challenge was 3 x the IRONMAN distance for that particular leg. See below: Swim: 7.2 miles Bike: 336 miles Run: 78.6 miles

Introducing the IRONMAN VR All-Terrain Series (Announced February 23, 2021)

This series officially kicked off March 1st with Flat & Fast. In June and July for the Athlete’s choice and Countryside there is a new format as well where you have challenge monthly distances for swim, bike and run. By far the 336 miles bike is the most challenging to cover for the month. I […]


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