Tour de Zwift 2022

Tour de Zwift 2022 is here. Route and stage details from Zwift Insider. Shane Miller’s video breakdown of this Year’s tour. Stage 1 – Flat is Fast I kicked off Stage 1 of the tour using my Tri bike as this was slated to be a flat stage with ~800 feet elevation. Felt great to […]

2022 New Year’s Day Bike Ride

For this New Year’s day bike ride I choose to replicate the IRONMAN Nice bike course. Nice is one of the most challenging in terms of the elevation of the IRONMAN bike circuits. The current 2021 course seems to be around 8000 feet of elevation as opposed to past years I’ve seen 10,000 from Strava […]

IRONMAN Training: Week 4 and 5

A solid 2 past weeks of training. Cadence running work seems to really be helping with my Plantar Fasciitis issues. A bit of a setback with my replacement Tacx Neo 2T as it’s missing the “Freehub”, so Garmin is mailing out one as of this writing. I’ve been using my Tacx Vortex and am glad […]

IRONMAN Training: Week 3

Last week was Thanksgiving week and my birthday week, so a few missed workouts were in order and a bit of more food indulgence πŸ™‚ This equated to an extra pound of weight gain. Starting off week 3 at 214 lbs without any sort of dieting but only relying on exercise. I may start incorporating […]


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