Web Development

Rendering Web Content in SwiftUI using UIViewRepresentable, HTML and CSS

Our goal here is to use UIViewRepresentable, HTML and CSS to rendering web content in a SwiftUI View. UIViewRepresentable View – HTMLView.swift Main SwiftUI View – ContentView.swift HTML File – homepage.html CSS File – styles.css View on GitHub

Wrapped up Web Development Udemy Course

About the course I am very pleased that I found an essential Web Development course on my journey to learning Web. The course is Web Development Bootcamp by Udemy, as an iOS developer with a full-time job I had to take some time off from the journey last year as per prioritization. However, I was…

Topics of Interests from 2022 Google I/O

A few Code labs I’m interested in trying out: Android basics with Jetpack Compose – AndroidGet started with Google Maps Platform – Location/Maps, WebAdd a map to your website (JavaScript) – Location/Maps, WebBuild a full-stack store locator with Google Maps Platform – Location/MapsBuild 3D map experiences with WebGL Overlay View – Location/Maps, WebIntroduction to Angular…

2022 Tech Conferences

A list of conferences this year including design, web, android, iOS, ….. Figma Config – May 10 – 11Google I/O – May 11 – 12WWDC – June 6 – 10MongoDB World – June 7 – 9


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