This week at WWDC 

Tuesday  Explore structured concurrency in Swift (new API) ***  Meet async/await in Swift *** Meet Group Activities (new API) Meet Xcode Cloud (new API) *** Protect mutable state with Swift actors *** Ultimate application performance survival guide  What’s new in Foundation  What’s new in SwiftUI *** What’s new in UIKit *** What’s new in Swift *** Your guide […]

Highlights during WWDC 2021 keynote and Platforms State of the Union 

Group Activity API / SharePlay   Quick Note  Interactive memories  Spotlight search updates, including for photos  Notification summary  Siri improvements with maintaining context  Swift Concurrency / async/await / Actors / Structured Concurrency  Xcode Cloud – continuous integration and deployment Run tests repeatedly dialog UI  SwitfUI updates e.g `.searchable`, `.refreshable` and Async Image Walking steadiness (I would love […]

My Next Step (NS) – Heading to the Times

Introduction For the last 3 years I’ve been actively teaching iOS development to under-represented groups at Pursuit, formerly Coalition for Queens. Prior to my journey to Pursuit I started my professional iOS development at an app agency in the Chelsea area of New York City called SWARM NYC. There I worked on small, midsize to […]


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