Rendering Web Content in SwiftUI using UIViewRepresentable, HTML and CSS

Our goal here is to use UIViewRepresentable, HTML and CSS to rendering web content in a SwiftUI View. UIViewRepresentable View – HTMLView.swift Main SwiftUI View – ContentView.swift HTML File – homepage.html CSS File – styles.css View on GitHub

2022 Year In Review

Year In Family Quite a bit of first this year, like most years should be. I had an incredible time snow tubing during our kid’s winter break this year. We visited my home county of Saint Lucia for the first time since receiving US naturalization last year. It had been a long-delayed 25-year overdue return.…

Rapha Festive 500

500 kilometres. Eight days. 24th-31st December. The world’s favourite festive cycling challenge is back. Join us for even more miles and memories in our riding rite of passage. Rapha Festive 500 This year’s holiday challenge will be the Rapha Festive 500. That’s 500 kilometers of riding in 8 days or 310.7 miles. I’ll be posting…

Zwift SwiftUI Prototype

Since my birthday was today and I always do a solo event in celebration I decided to build a Zwift SwiftUI Prototype to celebrate. The full code of the app can be found here. Strava Ride


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