Zwift London PRL Full Complete

On my quest to complete all 124 current Zwift routes as of this writing, the London PRL full has always been deferred on my list until today. Part of the reason is that the London course is hardly scheduled for weekends. However, I opted for the hack of using a workout plan as a means to ride a non-guest world today.

The PRL Full takes you up Box Hill eleven times. Yep, 11x!

Doing the course today was also a great training session for me as the IRONMAN Nice course is almost identical in total elevation.

The Box Hill descent provided a welcoming 2 minutes of recovery time, which worked out for bottle refills and a quick restroom break on 2 different occasions.

I kept close to my IRONMAN projected power numbers on this ride and felt very comfortable and aerobic throughout. Definitely, some quad soreness doing over 7500 feet of climbing so running a marathon off such an effort will be challenging, but that’s why I do and love this sport.

Strava workout data



  • 3 Salt tablets every hour
  • 1x Gu Gel every hour
  • A bottle of water every hour
  • Orange Accelerade


Best Bike Split

Zwift Insider “The PRL Full”

Ride London

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