Sync a StoreKit Configuration file with App Store Connect

By syncing the StoreKit Config file you will have full access to testing the Products and Subscriptons on App Store Connect.

  • In Xcode navigate to File >> New >> File.
  • Search for “StoreKit”, the view should now be filtered with the “StoreKit Configuration File” option.
  • Select “StoreKit Configuration File” and toggle on the “Sync this file with an app in App Store Connect” option.
  • After Xcode determines your Apple Account credentials for your “Team” and “App” you can select “Next”.
  • At this point, you will now have access to a StoreKit Configuration file that is synced with App Store Connect.
  • In this StoreKit Config file, you will have access to all the Products and Subscriptions from App Store Connect for testing.
  • Note: The Products and Subscription are read-only. To make changes to the StoreKit Config file, you must update App Store Connect and sync the Config file in Xcode.


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