Counter build at Bryant Park Holiday Market

counter4 counter1
counter2 counter3

Images of a counter build for a client (Taste of Italy) who will be a vendor at the holiday booths in Bryant Park, NY, starting Friday 6th, November through January 3rd.Β  I also worked on setting up 2 additional booths for another client at Bryant Park earlier this week, she will be selling handmade handbags and holiday spinners.

For more efficiency I had the wood cut down to size at Dykes Lumber on 44th and 9th. Door and lift were installed using European style hinges (inset). Project was delayed temporarily because I ran out of hinges and Home Depot on 23rd Street for whatever reason claimed that they do not carry inset European hinges which is what I needed to complete the project last night :(. First thing this morning revisited Dykes and found my inset hinge and completed the project. As always client is happy.

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