Post Marathon / Post Birthday Party X2 / Good Luck Dear Friend

Yesterday we hosted a 2  post birthday party and  marathon congratulatory party at our place. Also we toasted farewell and good wishes to a dear friend of ours who is leaving for grad school (speech pathology). The party was attended by some close friends of ours and also a friend who shared in the birthday celebrations with me, we were born a day apart.

Anh prepared an amazing dinner, which a not so sober me, the photographer failed to adequately document :(,  Anh’s  delightful dinner menu included, salmon cakes, meat balls, noodles, chicken wings and potato with veggies. The food was delicious.

As promised in my invitation it was a drink fest last night. Many caipirinha’s were served. I also made rum punch which always favors with my friends. At the end of the night I served over 8+ mixes of kamikaze. I think that finally did me in :).

The Party started at 7pm and lasted until about 3:30am, so I would conclude that it was a great success.

Chocolate Mousse Cake. 2 candles, one to represent my birthday and the next for our close and wonderful friend, Tina.

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