My Year in Review

We entered the year in recession. As a freelance carpenter this posed problems for me with finding work. Everyday more layoffs were being reported in the newspapers and television in all sectors of the economy. Construction being the most highly affected. Work was very inconsistent. Biggest project was a renovation in Alphabet City. Project entailed: crown molding installation, casement window installation, skimming, painting.

Anh and I participated in our first timed race. This race was the Al Gordon Snowflake. The race was a 5K run. Finished in 24 minutes.

We celebrated our second year wedding anniversary.

Relocated from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn to Astoria, Queens.

After our move, and my new found interest in triathlon racing, I decided to sell my mountain bike. After two weeks of shopping around and getting reviews I bought my first road bike. 2010 Specialized Allez Sport.  Owning a road bike is definitely more versatile. In the city it’s the bike I would recommend for anyone pursuing longer rides, especially out of town tours. We even managed to ride to Nyack, NY. It was a fun ride. The ride is a bit challenging with some hills along the 9W.

In the spring of this year during a routine doctors visit I was admitted into the emergency room for observation. This was due to an abnormal EKG. While under observation heart illness was ruled out. The cardiologist said I had a very healthy heart. This was confirmed after an outpatient stress test in his office. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with rhabdomyolosis. I spent three days at the hospital. My physician said I was a border line diabetic. Both of my parents are diabetics. Occasionally I will come across drinks I consumed prior to this finding in shopping aisles, e.g Malta, Nutrament, usually amazed by the amount of sugar content in those drinks (i.e. 41g). After monitoring my sugar diet and training. I am happy to report that my sugar level is back within the normal range < 6.0mmg.

As a computer science major, I am still passionate about software engineering. iPhone programming is relatively new and very promising to tech enthusiasts and developers. The Apple app store has taken off. I began studying and developing iPhone apps earlier this year. In 2010 I expect to continue and become more fluent in development of apps and programming as a whole.

We participated in our first out of town race in August. The Cigna Falmouth Road Race held in Cape Cod, MA. A 7 mile race. Finished in 53 and 54 minutes respectively.

Enjoyed our sixth Miami vacation, just love it down there :).

Failed to get accepted by the New York City Marathon lottery for 2009. Instead we registered into the Philadelphia Marathon. We both completed our first marathon in  sub 4hrs. We completed 2 half marathons this year. After successful completion of the mandatory 9 races + 1 volunteer race under New York Road Runners, we are proud to say that we got  guaranteed entry into the 2010 New York City Marathon. In August I participated in first triathlon. The NYRR inaugural Sprint triathlon.  In 2009 I participated in a total of 12 races.

Took up swimming this time with emphasis on form, technique and endurance.

Met Jim Cramer and Chris Gardner. Both very inspiring figures.

Overall, this year was a good year despite the mishaps. I am looking forward to a very productive 2010. Also hoping for a steady US and global economic recovery.

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