Elfa Closet Installation – Storage

This week I worked on a two closet Elfa (storage) closet installation. The old existing shelves were demo’d. Afterwhich the walls had to be skim coated (smoothed out by plastering) with two coats of joint compound as per the clients request. The apartment was protected using plastic drop clothes to keep the dust down while I sanded the closet walls. The actual installation of the Elfa closets in both closets took 6-7 hours. Project was completed within four days. End result: clients are quite happy with closet installation :).

Tools/Materials Used for skim coating the closet walls:


Plaster of Paris (used as an additive to make the compound dry faster if needed)

6″ putty knife

10 – 12″ putty knife

150 Grit sandpaper

Dusk Mask

Plastic Drop Cloth

Tools/Materials Used for closet installation:

Hammer Drill (Pre War Building the plaster was a bit hard to drill through with a regular drill, hammer drill is recommended)

Anchors (supplied by the Container Store)

Hammer (used to drive the anchors into the wall)

1/8″ Drill bit (to create a pilot hole, also used to figure out if the wall is hallow or there’s a stud)

3/8″ drill bit (to make actual holes for achors)

Measuring Tape or Spacer(which Container Store sells) to measure out the vertical standards

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