Half Ironman – which one will it be ?

Since December I have been doing more consistent swimming in anticipation for my Olympic triathlon in July. The Nautica New York City Triathlon, 1.5K swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run. It’s February now and I definitely feel much stronger as a swimmer. My endurance has greatly improved, breathing and technique. Today I was able to swim a straight 1600 meters. Back in December on a long swim I would have to stop occasionally to catch my breath. I have devoted about 3-4 days for swimming per week since December. Mixing my swim workouts with short and long sets.

My tentative race schedule going into 2010 called for two “A” races. The NYC Marathon and the Nautica NYC Triathlon. An update may be required. Half Ironman!

With my swim improving considerably I am thinking of signing up for the Half Iron distance. The Half Ironman calls for a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run. In the New York Area there a two races I am looking as possible choices: the Westchester Toughman and the inaugural Ironman Syracuse 70.3. A choice needs to be made. The Westchester Toughman is September 12th and the Syracuse 70.3 is September 19th. The two courses have their differences. Syracuse is described as having a “challenging” bike course, however the run leg is a massive down hill and point to point run contrary to the Toughman which uses loops for the run. As far as proximity, the Toughman is much closer to home, which is a huge economic advantage, especially during this current downturn. Doing a M dot race would be cool. Although next year I am planning on signing up for my very first Ironman, Ironman Lake Placid. So the decision process continues. If anyone reading this has done the Toughman, I would be glad to hear from you in regards to your reviews of the race.

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