NYRR: Run for Haiti 4 miler

One of my best highs for running is doing it for a cause. Over 9000 runners, walkers and children were registered for today’s run. Also registered were virtual runners including: Usain Bolt, Haile Gebrselassie, Paula Radcliffe, and Meb Keflezighi. With so many runners registered I was somewhat nervous about getting there early. Also the fact that there wouldn’t be any corrals. However NYRR (New York Road Runners) always does a great job of keeping races organized. There were pace times posted from 5 mins, 6 mins, 7 mins pace etc. (thanks again volunteers for making it all possible) So base on an honor system I think most people seeded accordingly.

Going into the race my best time was 29:25. I told myself as I always do just listen to your body while running a hard race. I love running in Central Park, just know about every hill and flat now :).

After a 5 minute late start and the crowd getting antsy the gun went off.

I went out hard knowing I could maintain a solid 5K race pace. Decided not to watch my Garmin or glance at the course clock. Just keep striding along. At about mile 2, I felt that my heart rate monitor was loosening up. After adjusting it slightly, oops it fell off my chest. Thankfully my undershirt was tucked in so it stayed above my waistline.

Just kept striding hard for the remaining 2 miles. Still not keeping track of my pace. Left turn to the finish line at 72nd traverse. Final result PR baby! Official finish time 28:23. (7:05 / mile). 483 overall.

Garmin race data (funny how the heart rate chart shoots up when it falls from my chest)

Post run. We met Daniel and we joined some friends along with Michelle for brunch. Celebrated with a mimosa and poached eggs with blue crab, um!

Race Result

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