Mold removal and repainting

This week I had to deal with a severe case of mold in a clients bathroom. I used Clorox and detergent to wash the mold off the walls and ceilings in the bathroom (1/2 cup Clorox and 1/2 cup detergent to 1 gallon water). I used a spray bottle to apply the mixture to the walls and a sponge to scrub the mold off. After the surfaces were thoroughly washed with clean water and allowed to dry. The Clorox/detergent application may have to be repeated multiple times to scrub all the mold out. (a more expensive antimeldew solution can be used), but I find that this application worked just as well. Please wear a mask and rubber or latex gloves when doing this procedure.

Before priming or painting, all surfaces should be completely dried. Light sparkling may be required.

I used the above M-1 mildewcide in both the primer and paint. The M-1 mildewcide can be picked up at your local hardware store. I purchased all my paint and supplies for this project at Janovic. Each bottle of M-1 treats one gallon of paint/primer.

Materials Used



Rubber/latex gloves



M-1 Mildewcide

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