Al Gordon Classic – Keep Moving

Al Gordon Classic marks our one year anniversary of running with New York Road Runners. The run kicked off with memories of Al Gordon which were shared by his family and NYRR. His grandson said one of Al’s favorite quotes was “keep moving”. Keep moving was exactly what I planned to do in Prospect Park in remembering Al.

Al Gordon passed away last summer at the age of 107. He completed his first marathon at 80. He was deeply devoted to running, walking NYRR and philanthropy.

At the sound of the horn 3600+ runners crossed the starting line at Prospect Park for the 4 mile run course. I am not very familiar with the course being only ran it twice before last year. I went out at a 7:23 mile pace at mile 1. finished with a 7:10/mile average. Finished time 28:40.

In comparison to last week’s Run for Haiti, I felt fresher after today’s race. May just be a sign of speed to come? or Central Park is just tougher πŸ™‚

May have to stop wearing my heart rate monitor at races. Converted into a waist monitor again today, lol.

Major thanks to NYRR and the volunteers for making this race possible and keeping the course safe.

Post Race: Met with some Dailymiler and Twitter running friends for brunch. Michelle picked out Dizzy’s, which served up a delicious brunch. As always enjoyed a post race mimosa.

Garmin Connect Data.

ALBERT H. GORDON (1901-2009)

Among the most respected and inspiring of Wall Street’s business leaders for more than half a century, Al Gordon also served as a BSUF Director for 33 years.Β  After earning his Harvard MBA in 1925, he played a dominant role in restoring the iconic investment banking firm of Kidder, Peabody from bankruptcy to a position of industry leadership.Β  Known for his exemplary lifestyle, integrity and philanthropic activity, Al was an intellectually keen and very generous contributor to the success of this Foundation.Β  He was elected a Life Fellow of the BSUF in 2004.

Prospect Park Elevation

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