1. yeah…congrats, fellas…i know, Alex, this is what i missed out on cuz of active duty and u can’t stop reminding me of it…hey, is that why u ain’t answering the phone when i call?…lol…enjoy yourselves, ppl…i’ll definitely be there when u guys renew your vows…


  2. Renewing the vows for sure, and you better be there this time. Hope all is well. I’ll be home all day tomorrow, you can surely catch me. Hope you’re able to have some fun in the desert on whatever that may be downtime. See you soon bro.

  3. wowwwww…i can’t believe ma luck this time…lol…anyway, it’s great to hear from u…i’ve been in Tokyo with Nor and Mio since 29 April, bro…we’ve been trying to get u thru facebk and all but with no luck, ask Caesar…i made ’em even sign up for facebk accts and sent u friends requests but u’re yet to accept ’em…what’s going on, bro?…lol…in any case, we’ll give u a call 2mrw and u’d better answer the phone this time…lol…ma regards to everyone…


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