Forerunner 310XT Software Update

Release Notes:

Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.90:

  • Implemented swim code that corrects distance values on open water swims. The distance is not displayed in real-time, but updates when the stop or lap button is pressed. This feature can be enabled only in ‘Other’ sport by going to Settings > Other Settings > Swim > Enabled ? Yes.
  • Fixed issue with unit freezing during a manual or automatic lap.
  • Fixed issue with GPS speed readings lagging by about 5 seconds.
  • Fixed issue with unit lock-up when resetting an activity in ‘Other’ sport.
  • Fixed issue with ‘Back to Start’ where start and end points were being left out.
  • Improvements to dropping track points around turns.
  • Fixed issue with repeated display of initial wheel calibration banner when using wheel power.
  • Display change in HR value with the HR Recovery message current value.
  • Improved power calibration page.
  • Implemented smoothing for vertical speed.

Software Update

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