Profile Design AirStryke Aerobar

Profile Design AirStryke Aerobar

Optimize your bike’s aero position with the new AirStryke by Profile Design. Flip-up ZB arm support brackets allow you to rest your arms on the supports or flip them up to place your hands on the tops of the bars.

  • 6061-T6 aluminum extension and forged brackets for strength and light weight
  • Includes F-19 length, width and rotationally adjustable anatomic armrests for your preferred fit
  • Provided with climbing-friendly flip-up ZB brackets that allow you to use the tops of your bars unimpeded
  • Compatible with rigid ZB arm brackets for fixed positioning if desired
  • Compatible with Swiftshift, which allows for the mounting of standard downtube shifters with a single bolt
  • Shot peened and anodized finish for extra strength and durability

My Review:

I took my new gear for a test ride yesterday in Central Park. Wow! The power increase the aero positon provides is simply incredible. I got fitted to the tri position as closely as possible by Matt from Bicycle Habitat. My saddle was pushed forward as much as possible and seat post was raised a bit higher. I did 4 loops of Central Park. Went in aero when possible due to park being very busy especially lower loop. The difference in aero was immediate. In comparison to my loops in CP prior areas I did 22mph in, with aero I was clocking +3mph gain. Aero definitely takes some getting use to. It was a bit shaky at the beginning, but towards the end of my session I was getting very comfortable (with changing gears, corners). I also love the aero drink mount. It makes drinking way more convenient. Recommendation are mixed when it comes to adding an aero bar on a Road bike. My recommendation is if you can’t afford a tri bike. It’s worth the experimentation. I will keep monitoring my back, knees etc. in the next couple weeks leading to my olympic tri (NYC Triathlon) while training in aero.

One comment

  1. I recommend making the bars a little shorter (yours are adjustable) and them pointing them down about 20 degrees so you can put part of your weight on your hands (not just on the wrist supports). I call this a “tri-spoon” because the tri-bars will now look a bit like a spoon from the side.

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