Nautica New York City Triathlon: Bike Elevation

The Nautica New York City Tri bike course is described as being very technical. Expect bumps, cracks along the way. This course has a variety of rolling hills. Not to be taking lightly. Elevation maps below. Data grabbed from various internet sources.

Description of course below taken from 2008’s course: 2010 course ‘U’ turn at 57th Street.

“The good news is that the roadways are closed to traffic. The bad news is that the roadways are pretty hilly and bumpy 🙂 The cycling course exits Riverside Park at 79th Street, where you soon encounter a very steep (but short) hill. Many new triathletes will unexpectedly dismount and walk their bikes. Be prepared! Make sure your bike is in the easiest gear before you leave the transition area!! Athletes enter the northbound entrance of the Henry Hudson Highway, and continue on a moderately hilly course north out of Manhattan (practice your Harlem Hill repeats). They will ride over the Hudson River Bridge (yes, over a bridge, so be careful of the metal terrain and watch out for ejecting water bottles). On the Mosholu Parkway, there are two long up hills, followed by a huge downhill – take advantage of the speed. You must slow down to make the u-turn at the halfway point, which makes the return hills pretty slow-going. Be patient – what goes up, must come down. Participants proceed back on the Henry Hudson Parkway and ride south to 56th street. Be warned!! This u-turn is a sucker spot for crashes ever year because it is after a slight downhill. Slow down before the very narrow u-turn. Once you clear 56th street, you are in the final stretch of the bike course. Book it until you exit the parkway (a slight turn), and then be mindful of the final hill as you head into the transition area. If you are in the first transition area, you stay right; if you are in the second transition area, stay to the left.”

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