Parent company of IRONMAN

The parent company of IRONMAN races is Providence Equity Partners a Private equity firm, one of the leading LBOs (Leverage Buyout firms) in world. Too bad it’s not public I think it would make a great equity investment given the high demand of those races. Typical example Lake Placid sold out for 2011 within minutes. (LTM, Life Time Fitness, organizer behind the Nautica NYC Triathlon, Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon, Chicago Triathlon and 3 others in a series, however is publicly traded. Ticker symbol LTM). WTC (World Triathlon Corporation) was established after purchasing the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon which owned at the the time the Ironman trademark for 3 million dollars in 1990. Providence Partners in turn acquired WTC for an undisclosed amount. WTC still manages IRONMAN trademark races (140.6, 70.3 is also their trademark). Providence Equity’s Portfolio. Providence also has investments in HULU along with Disney, News Corp and NBC Universal.,2,1&

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