Westchester Toughman: Race Report

A perfect day of racing for me at the Westchester Toughman. My fist Half Ironman. This marks my second year of triathlon racing. Fourth tri to date. Goal of sub-5:30 was met with 12 minutes to spare. Race organizers did an awesome job. Very scenic course on the bike and run. Race does hold true to the “Toughman” name. Many thanks to Anh for her continued support.

Water was pretty glassy which made for a great swim. Next season I need to work a bit more on my sighting skills. Definitely over swam the course due to my poor sighting technique today. Went off course on occasion.

A series of rollers on this course. Legs felt pretty strong on the first half. Knee hurt a bit around mile 30-35 so had to release the hammer a bit to save the legs for the run.

This course made for great running. Terrain consisted of asphalt and trail. Again some rollers, a big climb at mile 8 then the run to the finish. Post Race food provided by race organizers: BBQ, Veggie burgers, pasta, beans, etc. Awesome race. Met some cool pips. Thanks to all DMers who supported me on this one. Thanks to my #1 fan Anh P. This ends my tri season.

Swim Time: 37:34
T1: 2:21
Bike Time: 2:52:35
T2: 1:52
Run Time: 1:44:18

Overall Time: 5:18:38
Overall Place: 122/544
17th in my Age Group out of 56 finishers

2010 Official Race Results

Bike Elevation

Run Elevation

Overall Finish Time 5:18:38

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