Long Bike: Bear Mountain State Park – 95.32 mi

I had a bit of a sore throat thanks to the humid air so I took some robitussin before I headed out. The early morning weather was about the same as last week when the rain had fallen previously and left that much needed mist in the air. This made for a very enjoyable first half.

Added to my nutrition plan is Carbo Pro (maltodextrin) I have heard about this product online and from some DMers on here including Charlie T. I bought some yesterday at SBR to give it a try. IMO it works wonders, wish all my bottles was stacked with the stuff today. I used 3 scoops on CP and 2 scoops of Accelerade in my Aerobottle, this made a total of 525 calories. I read a Slowtwitch forum that a user mixed up 1000+ calories in one bottle. That should be very sticky situation for the bike frame 😦

I did not summit the “Bear” today but turned around at Bear Mountain State Park – Dunderberg Mountain. More riders out today that last weekend. A group of about 4 Tri dudes whopped my butt on 9W North. There was no attempting to catch them. I would be gased for sure.

On my way back made my usual aid station stop at Toga bikes for freshly brewed cold water and Ironman Perform. I went with the “mixed berry” flavor as I haven’t tried it and that is a flavor that will be served at Ironman Lake Placid.

Got home on schedule and transitioned to my Newton Distancia for the brick run.

Nutrition used today:
3 x Ironman Perform 525 calories
1 x Liquid Shot 400 calories
6 x Powergels 660 calories
3 x Carbo Pro 300 calories
2 x Accelerade 240 calories
4 x Water

Total 2125 calories

P.S. Also started using Thermolyte Meta Salt today. Took 2 per hour. 300mg sodium per 2 capsules. Strong stuff for tough workouts.

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