Report: End of the year 10k swim – 100 x 100s swim

I started contemplating doing this end of the year 100 x 100 set swim two years ago. I first heard about it from Chio on dailymile. In 2009 I had just started triathlons and learning proper swim technique. Back then I did not have the swim endurance to take on such a challenge (that year when I started swimming, I took occasional breathers after ever 200 meters or so).

My training for this swim challenge began nine weeks ago. After my right knee meniscus tear and during physical therapy swimming was an essential part to my therapy. The orthorpedica and therapist okayed it very early on. During those early weeks I decided to take on ย the 100 x 100s challenge. The training schedule I devised worked out perfectly for me. The plan provided me with sufficient time to build the base and endurance for I needed for the 10k swim. I broke down the training as pictured below: three days a week – drills, speedwork and a long swim respectively. First long swim was a 2k swim in the Flushing Aquatic Center. Other swims were done at the Chelsea Recreation Center before work. Longest swim prior to todays’ 10k was 8k. I would like to think that the drills really helped me keep my shoulders strong and free from overuse injuries. During my speedwork I kept pushing myself as much as my knee would allow. With swimming being soo low impact my right knee was never compromised or felt aggravated in any way. I always kept an eye on it for added inflammation or such.

For my nutrition I started with carbo pro and accelerade during my long and hard swims, but later changed to just having Ironman Perform (cheaper choice ๐Ÿ™‚ ) which also containsย maltodextrinย  (complex carbohydrates) which is an excellent fuel choice for endurance athletes. Also used powerbar gels.

Nutrition used today:ย 

– 3 x Ironman Perform

– 4 x Powerbar Gels

– 1 x Cliff Bar

– 1/2 Odwalla Banana Nut Bar (a taste of heaven when I needed it most)


100 x 100 meters

Today I got up with some race nerves. Yes I know it’s not an official race. However the challenge to myself was official. Going into this 10k challenge not being from a swim background I knew it would be tough (not a 2.4 mile Ironman swim by any means). Fortunately as an endurance athlete and coming off my first Ironman this year we live for such challenges. Anh accompanied me to the pool as she would enjoy a pool workout herself. Having a Garmin 310XT to monitor my laps was huge. Also have a H2O audio to keep me entertained was awesome, some tunes from my iPod Shuffle really got me going.

At the 7k mark, 70 100s in my triceps began screaming at my insanity and thoughts of cutting my goal short was hovering. After taking a quick bathroom break I did some arm and shoulder stretches and change the game plan slightly. Prior I was able to get close to 2:00/100m or below, but with the power from my pull compromised I went into cruise mode. Not worrying about lap time but just enjoying the swim and being relaxed. That strategy worked out perfectly as my triceps were okay with less fatigue.

Began cooling down at the 95th lap. Really just soaked in the fact that I was about to finish a 6.2 mile swim (a distance I can’t even run presently due to my recovery). Best of all I felt great with plenty left in the tank minus my triceps being on fire ๐Ÿ™‚

The end until next time…..

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