Men’s Racing Clinic Presented By CRCA and KISSENA

Completed my first bike racing/clinic ever and felt great. This race clinic was held by CRNA and Kissena. We did three Central Park loops. First was a neutralized loop and the last two were racing loops. I got dropped by the main group on the second loop at Harlem hill and finished off with the second pack. (during the post race talk I figured that one of the reasons I may have gotten dropped on Harlem Hill so early was maybe I should’ve pushed to the front of the pack leading up the hill, duh! What doesn’t kill us make us wiser I guess :-))

I am very satisfied with the outcome of today. I was able to maneuver while in the pack. Handling, hydrating while in the pack was on point. The marshalls and coach were really informative. When I got dropped one of the volunteers stayed with me, he advised me to just “hold his wheel” we managed to clock a 15 min loop/23mph (fastest in the park to date) Legs felt smashed, but were able to recover for the final loop.

I have to say I really enjoyed this clinic and may sign up to USA Cycling and set a goal to become a CAT4 rider.



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