Sending Your iOS App to Testers

As an iOS developer getting my app ready to be shared with potential testers can have it’s hiccups. I have decided to compile the steps needed to complete this process successfully. I used Xcode 4.2 and iOS SDK 5.1.

(1) Create a Distribution Profile, NOT Development Β in the iOS Provisioning Portal

(2) Download the newly created Distribution Profile onto your file system.

(3) Go to the Xcode Organizer window and import the new Distribution Profile.

(4) Go to Build Settings and under Code Signing make sure to use iPhone Distribution making sure it points to your downloaded Profile

(4) Now you’re able to make an Archive of the build to share it with your beta tester.

(5) Make sure that the Provisioning Profile and the .ipa Archive file are done using the same Distribution Profile or the app will “Fail to Install” on the testers device leaving your tester frustrated and uninterested.

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