Race Report: 2012 NYRR Sprint Triathlon

The last time I did this race was in 2009. This was the inaugural race and also my first race as a triathlete. I decided to go for it this time around to see how my fitness has progressed over the years.

Swim start was in the Olympic size pool in Flushing. Having swam in the Aquatic center the last few weekends I knew that the water would be on the hotter side. My strategy was to start easy and get acquainted to the temp then slowly progress my speed at the latter half. I did exactly that and may have gone too conservative with my plan. As per my watch my mat finish time was 7:38, but official results stated 8:05.


The condition of the bike course has not improved. It is still as bumpy as I remembered. With quite a few technical turns and bumps it’s difficult to get any sort of rhythm out there. I did my best to have a safe race for me and the bike and Β finished averaging 21.7 mph.

The run started a bit slow, but I was able to catch a steady flow and effort quickly.

Official Results

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