Race Report: Steelman OWS 5K

I had a great day of swimming at the Steelman 5K today. I ended up using my tinted goggles because the race started out with cloudy skies. Sun came out but wasn’t a factor. I took the first loop conservative as this is my first long open water swim race over the Ironman distance. Second loop felt stronger. I was excited to have met Kristen F. and Patrick B. also at the race. Hopefully next time around we can have a beer toast afterwards.

Race organizers were awesome. There are a few changes that can be made, such as providing a better fuel spot on the first loop. I found myself weaving through rocks making my way to shore trying to figure out where the gels and gatorade were. Thankfully my #1 fan, Anh P. shouted at me to come her way for some nutrition, after which I jumped back in to work on my second loop. Also I am the one who seem to always be the ghost racer, the one who doesn’t get an official time at the race. I emailed the director, hopefully that situation should be resolved soon. Unofficial time is 1:50:06 as per my Garmin. Again I am feeling more comfortable on those long swims especially with the fact that I didn’t use a wetsuit. Next up Governor’s Island Swim on the 28th.

P.S. Official time was awarded after a photo of me at the finish was provided to the race director.

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