Topeak Bike Seat Test Ride

We also invested in getting Miles a Topeak Baby Bike seat. The baby bike seat is definitely more versatile for the urban streets of New York City as opposed to the trailer. It takes some getting use to with balancing, but at the end of our short 4 mile ride to Flushing Meadows it was already feeling natural. He is closer to me and I’m able to interact with him (high five) compared to he being further away in the Burley Bee trailer. I still favor the trailer over the bike seat as I still feel he is more comfortable in there and may have a better ride. Time will tell when he is able to convey with “words” how he truly feels πŸ™‚

Enjoying his new bike seat

topeak test ride

Our favorite Photo spot πŸ™‚


I love it Daddy

I love it daddy

No Gassing Daddy lol

No Gassing Daddy

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