Apartment Renovation Update

Since receiving a “Side.By.Side – French Door” Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator a few weeks ago from a friend we have been engaged in doing some Kitchen renovation on our place. We have been working on the apartment on a room by room basis since moving in back in April. The first room we focused on was our toddler’s room. We did some lighting, plaster work and some wall upgrade in his room. The living room, hallway, bathroom, son’s room have all been totally skim coated with plaster to gain a smooth new wall feel and look. The Kitchen is now being upgraded somewhat “accidentally”. The plan was to work on it sometime in the future. But as with life there is the factor on unpredictability. With a 36″ fridge the cabinets had to be reworked because what we had before was the standard 30″ refrigerator. Stay tuned for more updates…..


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