Race Report – 2015 Scotland Day Run

The year started out with some hopes of having a great running season. This hope would be short lived due to a left knee injury. This injury seems to still be somewhat a puzzle even after consultation with my orthopedic. With the MRI report he said there is degenerative cartilage and some bone marrow edema. Recommedation: R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). He also went on to say it could be genetic since it wasn’t an apparent training injury. So since that visit about three weeks ago I haven’t done any running. Fortunately I have done swimming and bike training. I have also been taking “I live Pain Free” supplements recommended by my Physician.

Today’s race my goal was to run without aggravating the injury in any way and evaluate my running for the short term.

Mile 1 to 3 of the 10K race I held MAF zone and took it deliberately easy out there. I’ve said it before and will iterate here, keeping a slower pace than normal especially in a race is quite challenging even with my MAF training. I did my best to keep this slow pace. Right at Mile 3 I started feeling very warmed up and ready to take the pace slightly higher. That’s when my cadence went at least 10 spm higher and I somewhat envisioned Chrissie Wellington’s last Kona performance where she appeared to be running with shorter more turnover strides. In doing so there was no pain present and I felt great. I kept this form throughout the race and in doing so I timed 7:30s on mile 5 and 6.

I am extremely satisfied with the turnout of this race. It gives me much needed confidence heading into Brooklyn Half marathon next month. I will still keep running to a bear minimum and continue my swim, bike sessions.

Finish Time: 54:23 (8:46/mile)

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