Can’t believe I am a Professional iOS Developer

I have done iOS as hobbyist for over two years and released a few apps in the Apple AppStore. I am also on course completed a Udacity iOS Nanodegree.

But after years of waiting for an opportunity in the iOS space, the day has arrived. I was offered an iOS position at SWARM.

SWARM is a startup involved in the emerging tech space. There innovative apps are built for the customer as well as in-house.

The transition from construction to iOS will be a challenging one. However I have dreamt and kept looking forward to this challenge for a very long time.

It may be a cliche but believe me with patience and hard work comes opportunity.

I will approach working at SWARM with the same tenacity and perseverance that I have given to construction, college, triathlon to name a few. All those had their struggles but being immersed in the experience and learning made be grow and become better.

So today I give myself a pat on the back and say well done Alex. A new journey begins!

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