Race Report: 2016 Scotland Day Run

First race of the season. All went well. The weather called for rain at the start but was quite perfect for racing.

Race was very comfortable. Normally I would want to be at threshold during a 10K. However leg speed is just absent currently. I have been doing some track work over the last few weeks. But the top end speed I had back when I PRd at this race is simply not achievable currently.

The performance does give me confidence in holding a moderate tempo for my next upcoming race – Brooklyn Half Marathon. I have a month left where I can aim to get some leg power/speed going again. It would be great to go sub 1:45 at Brooklyn.

Scotland and Brooklyn are two of my favorite NYRR races.

Normally Anh and I would indulge in the post race activities of Scotland, photo ops, etc. but we had to hustle back to the car for 9am meter parking. Also our little one was missing us by now.

Finish Time: 46:15 (7:27 / mile)

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.40.13 PM

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