NYRR – UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

Solid race performance today. This will be a good benchmark for continued training into IRONMAN Sweden. Got 31 seconds within my 2012 10K time. Couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Haven’t done much hill training but my current MAF (aerobic heart rate training) has given me a great base. Knee and all else held up pretty well with zero issues. Best part I still felt like I could have pushed a bit more out there today. Perfect weather as well for running. Pre race did a 1.8 mile warmup.

Average HR: 163

Average Pace: 6:46 / mile

Average Cadence: 83

Finish Time: 42:01


Mile 1:      7:01

Mile 2:      6:30

Mile 3:      6:55

Mile 4:      7:08

Mile 5:      6:31

Mile 6:      6:40

Mile 0.2:   5:40

10k results

Nice consistent Split chart

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.47.22 PM

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