Run to Long Beach

Last week I ran to Rockaway beach which was a 2 hour and 30 minutes run. This week I needed to log in a longer run, preferably 3 hours to conclude my peak week of training heading into the last 4 weeks to IRONMAN Kalmar. After browsing google maps and planning a run around a family event I decided to make the destination Long Beach. That was a distance of about 19 miles, if I needed to add on more miles the boardwalk would be ideal. Also Long Beach was within 30 minutes of the party.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 8.46.03 PM
Run to Long Beach – 20.2 miles

A next perk of running to the beach was the fact that there were showers on the boardwalk so I would be able to change into clean clothes there.

My nutrition was a 24 ounce bottle of my goto mix of maltodextrin and accelerade. When running in an urban setting there are plenty of delis, supermarkets along the way to stop and make a hydration purchase.

The earlier part of the run was quite familiar but some sections like Jamaica, were not. Those sections were not entertaining whatsoever to be frank. The city desperately needs to clean up the pedestrian stretch of Rockaway Blvd that leads to the beach.

There were areas with much higher grass than this. At 6’3″ like I am

The best part of the run was about the last 8 miles or so. Upon reaching the pedestrian path in Lawrence it was photo op every step thereafter.

Lawrence, NY – for the next 8 miles it was fun scenic running

The run route also took me through Atlantic beach which has some beautiful houses along the way, this made for a very enjoyable run.

I stopped at Atlantic Beach Bagels for water. There I took in the SIS nutrition sample I got earlier in the day from a Science in Sports ambassador. This was the caffeinated option. I have to say being low on energy at that point it really did the work as promised by the label. It gave me fast energy, alertness and concentration to get a much needed boost.

SIS (Science in Sports) nutrition samples were handed at a CRCA race

Note here, if you want to access the beach at Long Beach, meaning step from the boardwalk to the sand/water there is a $15 charge per person. In my case I was just making use of the boardwalk and shower so no charge there.

Long Beach seems to have plenty to offer beachgoers as per concessions etc.

Getting to the boardwalk my legs felt an immediate relief as opposed to the asphalt the last 15 miles or so, this added more zest to the run. Having this new found adrenaline in my stride I pushed the last 3 miles at tempo pace and felt awesome.

At the end of my run I was able to relax after a shower on a picnic bench and have a lemonade from one of many food trucks that were at the Riverside Blvd entrance.

Great run day and peak week. Concluded the run doing 20.2 miles. Looking forward to the 2 remaining race specific weeks of training then it’s taper time πŸ˜€

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