2018 New York City Marathon

A great day of racing and I was able to get to my B time goal. It was a perfect day for running with the weather being in the mid 50s and little to no wind.

The one hiccup I had during the run was a left quad cramp at mile 19-20 that I managed and run with to the end. Biofreeze zone at mile 21-22 was a God sent as I used a handful of it on my quad which eased up the cramping or suppressed the pain a bit.

Great racing, crowds, especially in Brooklyn and superb job by the New York Road Runners.

In conclusion training was perfect and gave me today’s performance. Looking ahead I would say downhill running especially off the bridges lead to my cramping and I need to incorporate more downhill work into my run training program.

Verrazano Bridge – The quite before the 50,000 + runner storm


Finish Time: 3:45:47 – Garmin Data

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 5.49.57 AM


Shot on 5th Ave heading to the final mile


Post marathon hydration


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