IRONMAN 5150 VR Series

Below documents all the IRONMAN 5150 VR Series bike rides I’ve completed to date.

Virtual RaceTimeElevation (ft)Power (watts)
IRONMAN VR 17 – Santa Cruz1:03:271,125258
IRONMAN VR 15 – Outdoors1:38:59866244
IRONMAN VR 13 – Lake Placid1:11:141,312262
IRONMAN VR 10 – Eagleman57:24184254
IRONMAN VR 8 – Arizona58:55525241
IRONMAN VR 6- Road to Ruins (Zwift)1:48:433,848240
IRONMAN VR 4 – Zwift1:00:18203312
IRONMAN VR 2 – Fuego Flats (Zwift) 1:07:231,076284
Bike Splits from IRONMAN VR Series

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