Adding a background to an iMovie Video with 4:3 Aspect Ratio

Open up iMovie and follow the steps below:

  • Add the background image or video you would like to use, note the aspect ratio of the image needs to be greater than the video. For example a 16:9 aspect ration would work with a 4:3 main video or you can crop the main video to suit. If you do not want the default Ken Burns effect to the background image you can select the image and change the Photo Placement in Preferences. Visit this page if you want to add a blur effect or other to your background image.
Adding the background image to iMovie
  • Add the main video above the background media.
Add the main movie above the background media and select crop style “fit” assuming the movie has a smaller aspect ratio than 16:9
Finish edited video with blur added to background image and audio file added as well

Edited Video

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