Testing Eligible and InEligible Users for Introductory Offers

Testing Eligible and Ineligible Users for Introductory Offers

  • A fresh used Sandbox Test user will be eligible for Introductory Offers.
  • You can also via the App Store Manage screen put a user back in an “Eligible” state by clicking on “Reset Eligibility” if that user previously used an Introductory Offer.
  • To test ineligible users, allow the Sandbox user’s subscription to expire, typically 3 to 60 minutes, this can also be adjusted via App Store Connect.
  • Once the subscription has been expired, navigate to iOS Settings > App Store > Sandbox Account.
  • Click on “Manage” from the “Sandbox Apple ID” alert and resubscribe to the same Product or a Product from the same Subscription Group.
  • At this time the logged Sandbox user will not be eligible for Introductory Pricing. Yikes! 😱 A bit of moving around here, but now you should no longer be eligible for Introductory Pricing.
  • If the Sandbox account is behaving unexpectedly you may have to create a new account or Clear the purchase history for the test account on App Store Connect.

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