IRONMAN World Championships – Utah Bike Course on Fulgaz 05.07.22


This IRONMAN Championship Saturday, May 7th, I’m set up to ride the course virtually on Fulgaz 🚴🏾 πŸ” . St. George on Fulgaz has a total elevation of 6900 feet vs Lake Placid at 6100 feet (Lake Placid is my most challenging IRONMAN course to date, the finish time at IMLP will be a benchmark time for this event).

In my recent FTP test, my watts/kg is 2.8. The goal of this ride is to hold a steady effort of ~ 220 watts / 2.3 w/kg on flats and climbs (don’t think that will be the case up Snow Canyon).

Snow Canyon Climb starts at 34:34 in this video

IRONMAN broadcast starts at 7:30 am Eastern, however, I am hoping to start this ride at 5:30 am (call it a handicap over the pros 😊 ) I also want to wrap up this ride in time to have a family brick run a few hours before race coverage concludes. This family brick run is a routine I’ve been incorporating lately as I continue to train for IRONMAN Copenhagen.

Athlete’s Guide

Trainer Setup

I’ll be riding my Scott Plasma TT bike with a 34-11 cassette on my Tacx Neo 2T trainer.


Watching coverage of the IRONMAN Championships and hoping for a good live feed. Prior to race coverage, I’ll continue watching videos I might have missed of this week’s coverage from St. George.

Bike Course Preview


This ride went better than expected with a sub-6-hour finish. The Snow Canyon climb did not disappoint in the level of difficulty at mile 100. It was 110% brutal. With sub-6 insights, I really pushed on the last 4th of the ride.

Very excited about this recent benchmark as I continue to train towards IRONMAN Copenhagen.

Strava Ride

Due to the rain, the kids stayed at home with Grandma, and my wife and I did a post-ride raining run.

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