WWDC 2022 Videos

Introducing iOS 16. Also, check out What’s new for Apple developers. View sample code referenced in the WWDC22 session videos. New Technologies introduced in WWDC 2022. Catch up on the WWWDC22 sessions here.


New Features in iOS 16


New Features in watchOS 9


New Features in macOS Ventura


New Features in iPadOS 16
  • Keynote
    • Customized lock screen
    • 13:06 talks about “Shared with you API” and sharing in real-time using SharePlay. WWDC22 also introduces SharePlay in messages.
    • 48:08 new multi-sport workout type for Triathletes
    • 50:50 AFib history
  • Platforms State of the Union
  • What’s new with in-app purchase
  • What’s new in Swift
  • Qualities of great AR experiences
  • Create parametric 3D room scans with RoomPlan
  • Dive into App Intents
    • WWDC22: Implement App Shortcuts with App Intents
    • App Intent example: ”Open currently reading”
    • App Intent example: ”Find the most recent articles by …..” this uses Query Properties
    • Architecture: you can build an App Intent In-app or using an Extension (more work but lighter and can be more efficient)
    • Keep using SiriKit Intents framework: Widget or Siri Domain adopters
    • Use App Intents: adopters of custom intents for Siri and Shortcuts
  • Implement App Shortcuts with App Intents
    • Shortcuts create multistep workflows of your app, it can be used from the Shortcuts app or Siri.
    • App Shortcuts introduced at WWDC22 require no setup. Available as soon as your app is installed. Can be run from Shortcuts, Spotlight, and Siri.
    • App Shortcuts are built with App Intents.
    • Your app can have a maximum of 10 App Shortcuts.
    • Custom views in App Intents can’t include interactivity or animations.
    • WWDC22: Design App Shortcuts
    • App Shortcuts support predefined parameters, e.g ”Start a walking meditation”.
    • Great phrases are short and memorable.
    • Discoverability is vital for users.
    • Siri Tip replaces the Add to Siri button
    • Best placed contextually
    • Supports dismissal
  • What’s new in SharePlay
    • GroupSessionMessenger
    • Best practices
  • Add Shared with You to your app
    • Shared with You helps people easily find content in your app that someone has shared with them in Messages.
    • Elevates content in Shared with You and Search
    • Native app examples: TV’s app “Watch Now” tab and the Music’s app “Listen Now” tab.
    • At least one participant in a group conversation needs to be a contact
    • Uses the same technology as Universal links
    • How to adopt Shared with You:
      • Adopt Universal links
        • WWDC20: What’s new in Universal links
        • Create a two-way association between your app and website
        • Update app delegate to respond to user activity object
      • Add the Shared with You capability
      • Add Shared with You shelf
      • Add attribution views for your content
    • Shared with You Framework
TV app on iOS showing the “Shared with You” shelf
  • Get to know Developer Mode
    • Starting with iOS 16 and watchOS 9 you’ll need to enable Developer Mode to perform common development activities.
    • Developer Mode is only required for local development
    • Most common distribution and testing flows do not require Developer Mode
    • Settings >> Privacy and Security >> Developer Mode
    • For automation, use devmodectl which ships with macOS Ventura.
    • WWDC22: What’s new in notarization for Mac apps
  • Hello Swift Charts
    • Great examples of Charts in determining trends: charts in Stocks, heart rate trends after a workout, temperature throughout the day
    • Chart, BarMark, PointMark, LinkMark
    • Chart acts very much like a ForEach in SwiftUI
    • WWDC22: Swift Charts: Raise the Bar
Swift Charts Introduced at WWDC22
  • Meet Swift Async Algorithms
    • WWDC21: Meet AsyncSequence
    • AsyncSequence uses for await in keywords to iterate
    • map, filter, reduce and more…
    • https://github.com/apple/swift-async-algorithms
    • WWDC21: Meet the Swift Algorithms and Collections Packages
    • Zip: combines values produced into tuples
    • Merge: combines multiple AsyncSequences into one AsyncSequence. Element types must be the same.
    • New protocols in Swift 5.7: Clock
      • SuspendingClock
        • Measuring device time
        • Delays for animation
      • ContinuousClock
        • Measuring Human time
        • Delays by an absolute duration
    • Debounce: awaits quiescence period to produce events
    • Chunks: groups elements into collections, by count, time or content

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