Kissena Velodrome 1 Hour Time Trial – 20 miles – 32.19 km

Today I did my first Velodrome bike ride ever! I choose to do an hour Time Trial holding a moderate effort on the Kissena Velodrome (Flushing, Queens, New York – built in 1963, renovated in 2004) riding my Triathlon bike. 

The surface of the Velodrome is a bit of a bumpy ride for sure holding aero. However, I held aero and got used to it with the third or fourth lap. The total laps for the hour effort were 80 laps. I had two drink bottles, one with water and the next with Gatorade which I drank some of about midway into the ride. 

Overall I think I am hooked to Velodrome riding, at least adding it to my training toolset at best. 

Footage on the day was shot with an iPhone, GoPro, and a DJI mini II drone.Β 

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