IRONMAN VR Streak Stays Alive

IRONMAN VR Series always keeps me motivated to keep training and doing race simulations, also I keep striving to keep my consistent streak alive since the VR series started in March 2020 during the start of the Covid Pandemic.

This week was a recovery week for me post-New Jersey Triathlon back-to-back races (Sprint and Olympic) but I was fortunate to be able to squeeze the 3 VR series (15, 16, and 17) of run, swim, and bike in this weekend. My Achilles held up quite well on the +7 miles run.

I have a rest day tomorrow and I’ll be getting back into the last few weeks of training this week leading up to IRONMAN Copenhagen in 4 weeks.

Swim – VR 17 2022

This VR was only 600 meters and I took the swim very easy as I was recovering this week from last weekend’s racing. Strava file.

Bike – VR 18 2022

The VR bike was a bit over 12 miles, however, there weren’t any restrictions on the upper limit for the mileage so I did the Fulgaz Lake Placid VR challenge of 19 miles. Again took this ride very easy as I didn’t want to push too much load on my recovering Achilles. Strava file.

Run – VR 16 2022

This would be the most unknown VR workout as per completion and attempt as we know running has the most load and impact on the body, so really took the first few miles very easy, also, New York City as most of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing a heat wave s siding on caution was the goal for this run. When I got to the trails in Forest Park and had warmed up, feeling better I took the pacing slightly higher. I kept assessing my foot and Achilles. Glad that this VR weekend was available as it pushed me to test my recovery and Achilles which both faired quite well. Strava file.

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