2022 New York City Marathon πŸ₯΅

It was a scorcher of a day. My original goal had to be placed on pause this year when I got to mile 19 as the heat was surely winning over my body. For the last 7 miles, I slowed down my pace tremendously in order to get to the finish line safely. Running through New York City is always an amazing pleasure and thrill. The crowds this year were even more impressive and came in tremendous support. Also, it was a perfect day for spectating.

Met a truly inspirational individual to us all today, Chris Nikic, who has Down syndrome and is the first athlete with the condition to complete an IRONMAN and also Kona. Huge hats off to him.

New York City Marathon #6


  • Having an injury where I thought I would have to cancel this race the week before and running incredibly the way I did is a huge positive.
  • Don’t rely on course gels.
  • My pacing was on par with my goal up to mile 19 when the heat got the better of me.
  • In order to get the sub-4-hour goal I have to keep running consistently post-Marathon recovery.
  • My race weight was 205 lbs, keeping to this weight or slightly below is ideal for my marathon running and performance.
  • Taking my salt tablets every hour was on point.
  • Having my second breakfast an hour prior to the race start in Staten Island worked out quite well.

Strava file

  • Elevation: 883 feet (5 bridges)
  • Humidity 83%

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