Road to Philadelphia Marathon – November 22

Exactly one more month until Anh P. and myself participate in our first marathon. Excitement is brewing. This has been almost a year in the making. It all began when I gave Anh New York Road Runners membership for Christmas. After we both became members of NYRR we decided to make the goal of the New York City Marathon a reality, our first run for the season was “Al Gordon Snowflake” in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, at the time Al Gordon who was 107 at the time participated in the race, sadly he passed in the summer.

Unfortunately we were not able to run the NYC marathon in 2009 because of failure to win spots in the lottery. In order to run the NYC marathon one can be entered in a variety of ways: NYC Marathon lottery entry, 9 races + 1 volunteer as an NYRR member or raise $2500 for your favorite charity. We did not win the 2009 lottery, but we have fulfilled our 9+1 requirement as NYRR members and will be running the NYC marathon in November 2010.

The Philadelphia marathon is famous for being a fun, flat and a fast course so we decided to sign up for the race. We began training for it back in August and have really progressed tremendously. Lately Sundays have been our long run days, so far our longest run has been 19.4 miles. In the next 2 weeks we’ll be faced with out longest run ever which will be 22 miles, looking forward to it πŸ™‚

More marathon training updates to come, stay tuned.

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