RIP to a great innovator – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, an icon, innovator, tech genius died today. Steve Jobs influenced my life in so many ways. I first bought an Apple product in 2008 – the iPhone 3G. I know a late comer. Since using this product I have somewhat evolved into an “Apple fanboy”. His products and vision were designed to perfection. Β I then moved over to using Macs and loved their feel and innovation over PC’s.

Here are a few ways he affected my life: I currently own Apple stock, the phone I use is an Apple product, the main computer I use is a MacBook. Unfortunately I am currently injured as a result of a stolen iPad. As a Computer Science grad I am studying iPhone development during my injury. So in summary I’m an investor, tech enthusiast and user of Apple products.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children. Steve may you rest in peace. I may just get the 4s in your memory πŸ™‚ @end

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