Second Post Surgery Follow up

Today I had my second follow up visit with my orthopedic post knee arthroscopic surgery (meniscus repair). The main questions I had for him was namely when can I resume work and return to swimming. He was very impressed with my progression so far especially with my knee extension (flexion). An observation he was very worried about pre physical therapy and two weeks post surgery. So he gladly gave me the okay to resume both activities.

I have been using a cane for the last month since getting off the crutches, he said I should cease from using the cane soon as to not develop a limp while walkin. As per walk duration he also gave the go ahead not to restrict it. Biking in moderation for now as to not add too much strain on the meniscus. The swelling he said is not a concern and will still take time to completely lose the inflammation. Continue icing as much as possible. With his blessing today I will return to work and swimming in two weeks or so.

In all the three sports that triathlon offers, swimming I miss the most. Being in the water is so therapeutic to me. Can’t wait!

Tentative schedule to return to running may be February. With the NYC Half marathon in Spring I may have to cancel depending on my recovery and training leading up to it.

Next visit in two months. Four more weeks of physical therapy.


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