Physical Therapy: Week 4

Concluded the fourth week of physical therapy. This week I welcomed continued improvements and good news from my orthopedic. He gave me the green light on a number of questions: ok to give up the cane (especially the fact that I do not want to develop a limp while walking), ok to resume work, ok to hit the pool.

My home exercise program is getting longer. I am now at about two hours with the workouts. Last week I began incorporating upper body strength workouts into the routine. This week I will include core (ab ripper x if not too strenuous) on PT days. Strengthening the overall body and mind will help with my knee rehabilitation.

Since the doctor told me it’s okay to abandon the cane, the last couple of days I’ve been walking without it. We live on a fourth floor walkup so all this everyday taken for granted steps in my life is helping with recovery. Walking without the cane is comfortable. I am not trying to move too fast, just taking every step with caution not to aggravate swelling or pain.

My PT mentioned last week that she may begin to introduce the treadmill into my sessions, this may begin this week. Looking forward to continued improvements with my physical therapy for the next four weeks of it’s duration.

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