Physical Therapy: Week 5

Walking up and down stairs is getting somewhat better now. My knee is still tight and a bit sore during the process, but it is improving. This week we focused more on strengthening exercises. I bought a 10 lb pair ankle weight (1/2lb to 5lb per leg) set to incorporate in my home exercises. Biking is definitely improving as well. I’m up to a comfortable 20 minute spin with variable gearing. Keeping it in the small chainring.

Today my PT was not in for the first time. A temp took her place. He was not in tune with my routine and was about to let me off way earlier than my session prescribed. So I continued with what my PT and I have worked on this past five weeks. After mentioning to one of the assistants that we were to start working with the treadmill this week, he allowed me 5 minutes on it. Not what I was expecting though. He instructed me to walk on the treadmill backwards to initiate the process. It felt good. No strain whatsoever.

I am continuing to ice and elevate as much as possible. I am planning to return to work next week, hopefully I can also get a short swim in.

Added exercises:Β 

– lateral side stepping

– leg press and curls with light weights

– mini step ups

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