The traditional 100 x 100 swim

About two years ago since I’ve been using the sports social networking site: dailymile I’ve heard about a 100 x 100 New Year Eve/Day swim from an avid swimmer, Chio, on dailymile. Since then the possibility of completing such a challenge has stuck with me. Until now I haven’t quite committed to it. However with my current recovery from this meniscus injury I’ve been giving it some thought. Swimming has been passed as an okay activity to aid in my recovery by my PT and orthopedic. With that I have given myself the challenge of attempting the 100 x 100 swim. It will most likely take place in a meter pool. So I can clarify now that it will be a 10k swim. Thats right 6.2 miles! Can I do it?

Challenges like those are what drove me to complete my first marathon and this year an Ironman. So I am dedicating myself for the next eight weeks to training for this 10k swim. I will make stroke drills and endurance a main facet to my weekly program. I’m hoping to do at least 2-3 swims per week, with the longest swim being done on the weekend. Volume will be increased incrementally.

Close monitoring and attention will be given to my knee and how it feels throughout those weeks. If recovery is being affected in any way this goal will be sidelined. For now I’m very optimistic it will be attained and conquered.

Tentative 10K Swim Training Schedule

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