11 Reasons I continue to Tri

Celebrating 11/11/11 with these 11 reasons to continue Tri’ing.

1. Keeps my mind and body healthy
2. Swimming is awesomely therapeutic
3. Biking and running is the best way to explore new places
4. Keeps my borderline diabetes at bay
5. Great opportunity to meet new people adventurous as yourself
6. Keeps my life dynamic always looking for a next challenge
7. With three sports there’s always some way to burn calories even through injury
8. It’s the one sport where all ages are involved. So I’m looking forward to racing at the 80-85 age group πŸ™‚
9. For a big eater like myself there’s no worry about calorie counting
10. Limitless!
11. One of the best ways to have fun with your significant other. I love you babe!

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