Physical Therapy: Week 9

Therapy for the last two weeks have been broken down accordingly: strength and agility sessions. During strength session days I do: leg press, calf raises, leg extensions, leg curls, etc. Last week did some balance exercises as well. Those were fun. One entailed balancing on a half moon foam with my recovering leg while catching and tossing a soccer ball to the PT. Also performed on the half moon were backward lunges. Continued doing more lateral and forward agility routines. Walking down stairs is getting better every week. Swimming three times a week without issues. I queried to the PT about priority HEP exercises as work is conflicting with this schedule, she said at this point try doing at least two stretch sessions per day and I’ll be fine.

The PT gave me the okay to jog for ten minutes around my home block. I was able to to jog for two days this week. Shin and outer calf was definitely tight. There was also a small knee pain that wasn’t persistent through the run. I mentioned it to her and she said keep monitoring it through those jogs and update her. Otherwise it was nice to be out jogging. Extension is close to 100%, bending is still improving. Swelling is still present.

Added Exercises:
– forward walking on the treadmill
– jogging around my home block for ten minutes

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